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July 30, 2014

Would You Like a Book of Mormon? By: Dave Trottier

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Because I am a writer and writing coach, I get many requests from prisoners for a free book or to read their work.  This has gone on for years.  On one occasion, I felt a distinct impression to offer a prisoner named Rodman a Book of Mormon, so I wrote: “It’s even better than my own book!”  This was months ago, and this now-former gang member from South Central L.A. was converted.  Rodman said it was like a bright light shined on his path so he could finally move forward with confidence. 
In his most recent letter to me, he wrote the following: “My cell mate and my next door neighbor were both glad to get a Book of Mormon of their own.  You sent me three, and I’m able to be a ‘missionary’ basically.  I am confident that the Book of Mormon will change their lives for the better as it has mine.’ 
So now Rodman is preaching the word. I know many people in our ward had wondered what had happened to Rodman.  Later in his letter, he wrote, “Please ask the congregation to pray for my family.” – Dave Trottier

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