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March 10, 2014

Read it, read it and reread it

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Although I was born into the church and my family was very active in the gospel, I didn’t choose to read the Book of Mormon until I was age 17.  What a treat that was for me.  I thought reading the Book of Mormon would be like reading the Bible.  The bible seemed boring except for the stories we all know and love.  But as I discovered the Book Of Mormon for myself, I found gospel principles woven into stories almost like reading a novel. I love that book and have a testimony of the truthfulness of it.

The following year, when I was 18, I read the Book of Mormon again categorizing the scriptures as I read them into subject headings.  I typed all this into a small 5-ring binder.   As I reviewed this booklet over the years I thought I would choose different heading for some of the scriptures.  However, it was precious to me to leave it as it was.  Now that the years have gone by the typing on that little booklet has faded, which is expected, because it was typed with a fabric ribbon on my Smith-Corona portable typewriter.   Oops, now I have dated myself.

No matter what your age, please read the Book of Mormon and feast on the sweet principles of the Gospel the ancient prophets knew we would need in our day.  You will be very pleased that you did!  Read it, read it and reread it and see how your testimony will grow.

By:Kay Harper

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