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February 27, 2014

Living on Purpose: Who is Jesus Christ?

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Living on Purpose:  Who is Jesus Christ?
         His name has been known throughout the world since the beginning of time.  His influence has been felt by millions upon millions of people through the existence of the world.  His love is offered to all who have been, are or will be on this earth. 
         To discuss or define such a person could take volumes.  (Don’t panic- I didn’t go that route!)  In answer to this question, I turn to a written testimony signed by modern day prophets and apostles.  I cite an undeniably reliable source.  These men, called after the pattern established during Christ’s mortal ministry and under His direction and with God’s priesthood authority, bear the responsibility to be especial witnesses to Jesus Christ.  It is part of their lifelong calling to answer this question and to invite others to come to know the answer for themselves. 
         As I read this beautiful testimony, I feel the divinity of Christ.  I feel the power of His love for me and for all humanity.  I feel assurances from His Holy Spirit that the things I am reading are true.  I feel inspired to be like Him and understand His teachings more fully.  I feel a great desire to someday be in His presence and personally offer my deep gratitude for what He did for me.  He knows every kind of pain because He experienced it all and His Atonement is a greater power than any evil that exists in the world.  It can overcome any wrong and provide relief to any sufferer.  What a gift He is to every single person!  I love that this testimony helps me understand the gift of having a Savior so I can enjoy His gift throughout my life. 
         This testimony is titled “The Living Christ” and it answers the question of who Jesus Christ is in a very succinct and reverent way.  It is my prayer that you will also feel of His divinity and love as you come to understand, as I am doing, the answer to my question- Who is Jesus Christ?
Mitzi Robins

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