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October 13, 2013

Life long member of the “Mormon” church

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            I am an 80+ yr old great grandmother and a life long member of the “Mormon” church, which has been the greatest influence for good in my life and in the lives of my family. There is so much about the church’s organization that impresses me, including the organization of its general councils, its totally lay ministry at the local level and the simple but all encompassing programs that provide for our spiritual and temporal needs: as well as lots of opportunities for service and fun. One of my experiences might illustrate. After growing up in a very small predominantly Mormon town I married and moved to Provo, Utah where my husband was educated at Brigham Young University (Talk about being immersed in Mormonism!) we moved east for further education and employment . At one point, after more education we moved to Kalamazoo, Michigan for work. Our family had grown to five and our fourth child was due soon. We knew only one person in Kalamazoo, the man who had hired my husband and who belonged to another church. Not many days after our arrival our baby was born. The day after I and the new baby were released from the hospital I had to be rushed back because of a medical emergency. My husband called our bishop and immediately our small congregation went into action. Members of the Relief Society (our women’s organization) went to our home. One sister took our two day old baby and cared for her, arrangements were made for the care of our three year old and meals were brought in. We were extremely grateful, but not surprised! Because of the way our congregations are organized such service is not unusual and I have often been given opportunities to serve as well as be served.              

-Mormon Great Grandma

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