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November 14, 2013

Great Insights

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Dear friends,

Do you know that you are now living in the Dispensation of the Fullness of Times—the greatest age in the history of the world?  Just look at the advancements that have occurred in so many fields of endeavor including medicine, manufacturing, electronic technology and many others.  More of the past history has also been revealed today than ever before.
Do you know that centuries ago, America was the home of an intelligent and enlightened race of people, who maintained a high state of civilization from 2200 B.C. to 420 A.D.?  They built magnificent cities, cast up great highways, were skilled in the arts and sciences, and attained as great a civilization as the contemporary countries of Egypt, Babylon, Assyria, Greece and Rome.  The Spanish invaders destroyed as high a civilization as they brought with them when they came to Mexico and Peru. Yet Cortes and Pizzaro found only a declining remnant of this wonderful people.
Are you interested in reading of the achievements of these early Americans?  Would you like to know how they came to this continent, why they came here and where they came from?  Would you like to learn of their great prophets, statesmen, generals and historians, who were equals of any the world has ever produced?  Read the Book of Mormon, a record kept by this people, written, preserved and hid up, to come forth in this day and age to bear witness of the Universal Mission of Jesus Christ.  Read how Jesus appeared to the people on this continent after His resurrection, in fulfillment of John 10:16, how He ministered among the people, how He taught them, and how His church was established; how “they had all things common among them, therefore they were not rich or poor, bond and free, but they were all made free partakers of the Heavenly Gift”.
The Book of Mormon is a New Witness for the Bible and the divine Mission of Jesus Christ.  It is the strongest corroborative evidence in support of the Bible God has given to the world.  It is the voice of the Western Hemisphere, proclaiming the sublime truth, that God did not leave Himself without witnesses among the races and nations of men who inhabited the Western world.
The Book of Mormon has been translated into over one hundred languages.  It is the most important book of the twenty-first century.  In it you read of the destiny of America, the greatest country on earth, THE LAND DEDICATED TO LIBERTY. (See Book of Mormon page 54, verse 7; page 490, verse 12; and page 501-502, verses 18-26)
We are making a special effort to place The Book of Mormon in the hands of every honest soul in America.  Millions of copies have been distributed over the years and yet  so many seekers of the truth still no not were to find it.  Let us provide you a copy of this great book.
We bear testimony to you that THE BOOK OF MORMON is the WORD OF GOD, and invite you read it with a prayerful heart.  (See Book of Mormon page 529; verses 3 – 5)

By: German E. Ellsworth and Bill Wilhite

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