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June 23, 2014

Conversion: by Consuelo Briones

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     I was born in Ecuador and like in most of the Latin countries the majority of the people are Catholic, so I was.  I grow up attending a private religious school from elementary to secondary.  The missionaries came to my house at the perfect moment, when my older siblings and I were teenagers and my parents needed a source of happiness in their lives, so we enjoyed to listen the missionary discussions.
     This was a very special time in my life! I was 13 years old when I joined the church, and only thinking in this blessing my heart gets so emotional, I can’t hold tears run over my face because it was probably the greatest blessing in my life, or the one from all of the others come.
      Growing in a Catholic school, the teachings about God never satisfied my anxious heart to know more about Him or to feel that all those teachings were true. I used to ask so many questions to my religious teachers but the answers were “it’s a mystery, nobody knows”.
       When I heard and saw an illustration from the missionaries  about the story of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ talking with a 14 years old boy as an answer to his prayer was for me the greatest news my heart was looking for. It was like finding the piece of the puzzle that I always was looking for.  All my soul was saying: it’s true! The idea of God having a body and talking to his children here on earth answer so many questions for me. God really exists, he hears our prayers, he has a body of a celestial being, under his image we were created, and we are his children! With this knowledge I was ready to accept and believe the rest of the discussions. I wanted to know more and more.
      For the rest of my life, this knowledge has blessed me. I’m a daughter of the Supreme God, that is why I can feel love, compassion, joy…, and I can do many things that look hard because I’m after my Heavenly Father, I’m not alone and I will never be.

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