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February 26, 2015

Finding your way in Goblin Valley

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Several weeks ago our family took a short trip to Goblin Valley located in the deserts of central Utah. We knew that the Mars-like landscape and the strange formations would be a fun adventure for our four young children.  They love to hike and climb and this was a perfect place to get out some energy!

When we arrived we looked over the strange valley from the parking lot located above. We could easily see the mountain range on the edge of the valley and the sandstone formations looked like tiny mushrooms. The kids all felt they could reach the furthest point without much trouble, so we headed into the valley of the Goblins. We had fun playing make believe and winding our way around all sorts of sandstone creatures, but as we progressed, our perspective began to change. The small mushrooms turned into giant boulders and we couldn’t see our goal as clearly. My husband and I had been to Goblin Valley before, so we tried to direct the kids on the easiest course, but several times they were deterred to some other path that looked more exciting or easier. What they didn’t realize was that often times those paths lead to a steep drop off or an area that was much more difficult to hike.

I began to think about my own life, and how I sometimes place my trust in myself or others rather than a loving God who has an infinitely greater perspective than myself. Do I turn to Him for guidance and help when I am facing some sort of trouble or danger? Do I see His hand guiding and directing my life in the day to day tasks as often as I should?

I know that He is there and loves each of us dearly! He wants to be a part of our lives, and if we take the time to look, we will see His hand. We may not clearly understand why we have been given certain challenges or circumstances in our life, but as we follow the commandments, He will keep us safe from those drop offs. Just like my children running between those amazing formations, the path of life is full of challenges and obstacles.  It may seem difficult and at times we’ll want to go another way, but our Father in Heaven knows us and knows what is best for us, even if we don’t see it clearly from where we are now, and listening to His counsel may save us from a cliff or difficult path ahead.

After my father passed away 5 years ago, my Mom told me that whenever she sees a penny lying on the ground somewhere she picks it up because it reminds her to “Trust in God.” I began to do the same and all of the sudden I was finding pennies all over the place! I doubt that a sudden abundance of lost pennies occurred in the world, but I was seeing them because I was paying attention.

I know that if we actively look for God and trust in Him, we will find that He is there looking out for us, guiding us, and showing us the paths to take that will bring us greater happiness than we could possibly imagine.

By: Erin McLerran

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